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MaxFrut - Brand Story

Artisanal popsicles are no longer the new thing. They are THE “in” thing right now. And The Pop Factory has been there since the beginning. Starting in 2013 under the name MaxFrut, we were the first to bring fresh, 100% all natural fruit bars to Texas.

Our products are made with 100% all natural ingredients (whole fruit), packed with vitamins and fiber, and contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Our frozen fruit bars were born out of tradition and culture. We took the Mexican-style paletas naturales or natural frozen fruit bars of our childhood and have expanded our menu with creative and fun flavors. Our fruit bars are made fresh daily in our pop factory, for everyone to see in our store.

Whether you are finishing up a date with a sweet treat, or looking for that perfect afternoon treat for the kids to beat the hot afternoon sun, The Pop Factory is your perfect stop.

We believe in building a community and giving back to the one we are a part of.

Our menu features the basic and clean flavors of Mexican-style paletas naturales or natural frozen fruit bars, and also more creative combinations to make anyone crave another.

Our family friendly atmosphere is warm and welcoming.  

We believe in family values and traditions and would love for you to create new traditions with us!